Our full service Dallas private investigator agency proudly lists the following accomplishments.

  • Child Custody - Obtaining evidence to win custody. Fathers and parents can prevail in child custody battles.
  • Cheating Partner Investigation - Giving peace of mind to clients. Truths are revealed about a cheating husband, wife, or boyfriend.
  • Divorce Investigation - Giving clients the advantage. Win against an ex wife or husband in divorce settlements.
  • Find a Person - Locating teenage runaways and missing persons.
  • Dating Check - Saving women and men from entering a destructive relationships. Obtain peace of mind with a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or spouse.
  • Background Check - Conducting background checks for many reputable companies and people.
  • Find a Number - Finding a phone number for hard to locate people.


John Norlington says,

"I talked with several private investigators before choosing IRA. They are always available, and are able to think outside the box on ways to achieve the results you are looking for. His help could not be measured, and I believe I would not have received the same results with other investigators." Read More...

Marie writes,

"Mr. Albright, not only did you provide what was needed but you provided far more information that can be utilized at trial. We had the evidence and we had the confidence the day of mediation. Both of those elements were essential to our success. You are a prime example of perfection in your field. Again, thank you so much." Read More...

Rates: Dallas Private Investigator

Our Dallas private investigator rates are some of the most affordable in the Dallas metroplex. However, we do not sacrifice quality in the process. Please click each service for estimated prices. Contact us or call our office at 972-889-3333 for a FREE quote and consultation.

Our Clients

Our Dallas private investigator client base consists of private individuals, businesses, family law attorneys, child custody attorneys, and insurance companies looking for background checks. A partial list of business clients who utilize background checks includes:

  • The State Farm Insurance Co.
  • DART Transit Authority
  • Payne and Blanchard Attorneys
  • McCurley Family Law Firm​.

GPS Tracking

“State of the art” video and tracking equipment is used for obtaining your evidence. This includes hidden cameras, and night vision cameras. We also utilize GPS tracker devices for solving cases. Please contact us for details.​