Why Background Checks are Important:

As a Dallas private investigator, the type of background check I will be more frequently asked to do, is a dating check.  Simply stated, a dating check is a background check with the purpose of finding out the background of someone my client is dating.  Here are a few of my findings in the area of dating checks, which might be of interest to you:

  1. My dating check clients are overwhelmingly female – all but one. What does this say about the male sex, you can draw your own conclusions, but I for one, believe it says more about the woman’s intuition being keener and sharper than a man’s.  Which brings me to my second point:
  1. Trust your instincts. All of my clients, when assigning me the case, vocalize the same misgiving:   “I just have a gut feeling that something is wrong.”  It is that queasy feeling in their stomachs that makes them pick up the phone and call a Dallas private investigator.
  1. Don’t trust the dating site’s reputation either. I have had clients come to me who have met people on the following reputable sites:
  • Match.com
  • Eharmony.com
  • And yes, even christianmingle.com

In fact, one of my biggest cases came from an attractive oriental woman who was being courted by a man she had met on eharmony.com.  The man lived in Dallas.  They went on romantic flings to Paris, France, and other exotic destinations, until finally something just did not add up about him, prompting her to pick up the phone and call a Dallas private investigator.  When I began the investigation, the first thing I found was his wife in Dallas. As I got further into the case, his whole web of lies began to unravel.  At the end, though heartbroken, my client expressed her heartfelt gratitude for helping her avoid a terrible mistake.

Here are a few things, “red flags” if you will, that will point to fraud in internet dating:

  1. “He never takes me to his house.” This applies of course, to persons dating in the same town, but usually there is a good reason why.  It is either ramshackle, or he has a wife.
  1. “This guy sounds too good to be true.” If he comes on too quick, and tells you that you are the love of his life, beware.  He is not to be trusted.
  1. Sympathy. I have seen scammers tell of the death of wives, having to support children by themselves, all of which could speak to their responsibility.  But before you believe it, CALL ME!
  1. They always have an excuse for everything. You have plans to meet, and they have a serious accident coming to the airport to meet you.  And of course, they will need money for the hospital.
  1. NEVER give money to someone you are internet dating, even if you see documents, which are “real” employment contracts, or whatever. You will never have any way to authenticate them.

If you ever need help with a background check or something else, please give me a call, as I would be happy to lend you the benefit of my many years of experience in a free private investigation consultation and/or detailed case handling. Learn more about our background check services.

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